Get Ready for the #TerrificChallenge!

  Posted On, 6th September, 2018     No comments

You ARE Terrific.
Ever tried asking yourself WHAT makes you Terrific?

It is, but your actions. ☺
What if you could be Terrific, and get rewarded for it – does that excite you?

Truth be told, it’s easy to be #Terrific.
Get ready for the #TerrificChallenge!

Do you like adventure? What motivates you to be adventurous?
‘Adventure’ doesn’t only involve living on the edge (literally). An adventure could also be doing something that’s your passion. Something that drives you. Something that gives you the rush.

Is it helping someone in need? Is it the stray dogs that you feed? Is it spending one night at the cemetery? Is it performing in front of thousands? Is it climbing the heights? Is it diving from the skies? Or is it going underwater, and exploring marine life?

Whatever it is – Film it. Record it. Upload it. Let the World know that you’re Terrific.
What better if you get awarded for the same? O yes!

All you need to do is upload a clip of your #TerrificChallenge adding a gesture of you making a slash (\) signifying ‘Terrific Performance’ (at the end) on your Timeline, and tag us @iBallIndia. And lastly, do challenge at least 2 people to take up the #TerrificChallenge.

Sounds easy? Super-easy!

The reward for it?
Well, prepare yourself for something BIG. Something TERRIFIC. You sure are going to Enjoy this Ride. Brace yourself! 😉

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