The reason why your next headset should be the iBall TV Headset

  Posted On, 23rd July, 2018     No comments

A headphone has more to it than being just an accessory which adds to your ‘coolness’ quotient.

Taking its advantages forward and making a rather unique product out of it, iBall brings to you the ‘TV Headset’. Now you must be asking WHY it’s unique.
Good question! We can’t wait to spill the beans. Hope you keep reading. ☺

iBall TV Headset – as the name implies – is a headset especially curated for a peacefully private TV-watching experience. By that we mean that if you want to enjoy your favourite series / movies / matches / videos WITHOUT any noisy interference from your surroundings, this product is your deal.


Priced at an exciting INR 2999/- , the headset comes with a tiny and remarkable Bluetooth transmitter – which makes it the ‘TV’ headset. Plug the transmitter to the TV and transport yourself to a noiseless World that’d have just you and your TV. A world where neither you’d cause disturbance to anyone, nor would anyone get to you! Your child could be with you in the same room studying / sleeping, while you catch up on your daily dose of entertainment, without causing any disturbance.



Yet, that’s not just the high point of this Headset.

The real game-changer here is that this gizmo also works as an Independent Wired and Wireless Headset. Use it on any device – be it a smartphone, a Tablet PC or a Laptop.
That’s right. Isn’t that hitting two birds with one stone? Not literally, of course. ☺
With a built-in Microphone, iBall TV Headset also allows you to take / make calls. Life sorted.

One headset, serving multiple purpose. ‘Coolness’ now has gotten a whole new definition!

Come, find YOUR “cool quotient” – here. ☺

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