A Quick-Tip for the Budding Entrepreneur

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No, this blog isn’t going to give you suggestions on HOW to make start-ups happen, but it’s definitely going to hold your hand and help you walk through it.

Just started living the life of an entrepreneur, and are completely clueless as to how to go about it? Fret not. We have news for you which might prove to be the ‘light’ at the end of your rather long tunnel!

You’re new to the game, we understand.

That your dreams might be BIG, but your fund-size ain’t.

And trust us when we say this – that’s where the fun lies. Fun why? Because when you’ll have made it BIG from scratch, the reminiscent, looking-back days would be sweeter.

Enter the Arena

All-set, Boss?

Here’s news for you.

What if we told you that we are here to make your struggle a little easier?

iBall CompBook M500 Laptop has been custom-built for the businessman. Priced at under INR 20,000, packed in with the LATEST Windows 10 Pro and an Intel processor, this one’s here to show the others how it’s done.



Hard to believe? Well, a Digital India being iBall’s dream, this one shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Lightweight at just 1.30 kg, iBall CompBook M500 is easy to carry. Take it along with you, and pitch the perfect presentations to your future clients. This laptop would make the race a pleasant one.

Fitted with the iBall-trademark user-friendly keypad,  ‘typing’ would be your favourite pastime. Let alone all the other checkboxes to be looked into before buying the best laptop for business, but we know Affordability is the one BIGGEST factor which cannot be unconsidered. And iBall CompBook M500 Laptop scores BIG on that one – it’s the budding entrepreneur’s best bet.

When are you going to make the ‘shubh aarambh’ with your first investment?

Check out for more details on this link.

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