Yesterday’s Dream. Today’s Reality.

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A travel back in Time gave us a few interesting facts about how the “Portable PC” came into existence. We bet you didn’t know that this milestone of an invention dates back all the way to the ‘80s! Amazing, isn’t it?

Adam Osborne, the trailblazer, gave birth to The World’s First Laptop – Osborne 1 – priced at $1,795 (roughly INR 1,17,060). The 10.7 kg ‘portable’ PC had a tiny computer screen built into it. The brainchild of Osborne Computers, needless to mention, was a huge success from the get-go. In 1989, NEC released UltraLite, the first ”laptop” computer. Weighing in under 3 kg, it was the precursor of today’s models.

Fast-forward to 2018 – The Era of the Digital as some like to call it – has made possible things which earlier one could only dream of… Strangely though, our country hasn’t quite been able to keep pace with the World. In this age where things happen electronically at a lightning-fast speed, one cannot afford to be ignorant, or slow.

We know that the ONLY way forward is EDUCATION – the one thing that will never have any substitute. But how do we bring about the wave of change? Until a few years back the gadget which could be termed a ‘luxury’ is now a ‘necessity’. A study of the current scenario in India led us to discover that the PC penetration in our country is at a rather alarming rate of 9%… a closer look at it, and you find the possible root cause – AFFORDABILITY.

So, we are out – all guns blazing – to set that right! iBall CompBook Laptops starting at an unbelievable price of INR 9999 was launched with the intention of Empowering EACH Indian – right from the grassroots. The Right to Empowerment doesn’t only reside with the best of the best.

Laptops are INDISPENSIBLE to the growth of students, employees and nation on the whole. Every student and employee, right from their inception, will be gifted with the access to laptop – money no bar, anymore.

Combining the powers of Microsoft and Intel, iBall has made the impossible happen – something that’d make sure “Ab Har Indian Aage Badhega”. Because… gone are the days of being the downtrodden!

#OpenUp to the reality of every parent providing a Laptop to the child.

#OpenUp to the affordability of every employer providing a Laptop to each employee.

#OpenUp to the idea of every Indian owning the Laptop.


What are you waiting for?! Take the power in your hands.

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