Gift these super-awesome gadgets if THEY are music-lovers!

  Posted On, 9th February, 2018     No comments

“If music be the food of love, play on.”

Aptly put, like only Shakespeare could. The bond between Music and Love has forever been an enigma. What is it about music that can move the world, shake the mountains, break all the barriers, purge the soul, soothe the system… what? The answer has always eluded us.

Music is very similar to food. There are some who like it mild, mellow, soft and soothing. Then there are people who like it spiced up – unconventional, bohemian lyrics, high on beats, and the like…

Music is individual. Music is personal. Music is all-pervasive. The World has seen no soul who does not like music. Because without music, life would be a mistake.

This season of love, let’s indulge ourselves – soak every one of our senses deep in music. And gift some, to the person who makes you feel the way music does. Where words fail, music speaks.

Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, here are the couple of gift ideas that can make your Valentine’s heart go mmmm. Let your loved one find a piece of you, in every music he listens to.


  • Musi Cube – This small, portable speaker is cuteness loaded in a tiny, cubicle frame. How do you visualize this on your beloved’s hand, having a good time, with her favourite beats?



  • SoundStick – Music emanating from this gizmo is as sweet as the apple of your eye, the love of your life. Portable, sleek, chic, and powerful. A gift couldn’t get better.



  • Glint – Gift your Valentine some Glint in the eyes, when he comes across this headset so cool. Impersonating the beats, the flashes of colourful LED is a vision to behold. One would own the party like no other, with this snazzy gift.


  • Disc – This disc-shaped speaker can bring the perfect curve to the face of the person who makes your world go round! Powerful Sound coupled with a Stunning Design – you know you’ve come to the correct page to hunt for gifting options.



  • Musi Paparazzi – This headset is for the funk-lover. With stickers to match the mood, Musi Paparazzi sure would add the right touch of jazz to your Valentine’s face. Gift him his moment of fame!



  • SoundStar – For the one who brings a twinkle in your eyes, what better gift than the SoundStar? Small, cute, portable and endearing – this set of a speaker will perfectly set the tone this Valentine’s.


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