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The World had become a small place the day Graham Bell masterminded the device which was one of the greatest inventions of all times – The Telephone! Distance was no longer measured by miles… you could hear your loved one even being in the other hemisphere of the globe!

In 1991, Dr Quentin Stafford-Fraser and Paul Jardetzky took it a step forward and gave the world something which made it an even smaller place… Before you could hear the person all right – now you could see him too!

They say Necessity is the mother of invention. We say Laziness is definitely its father!

Too many trips to an empty coffee pot are what triggered the inception of something, which later came to be known as the Webcam. The world’s first webcam came into existence to aid students in keeping an eye on coffee levels in the Cambridge University. Little did they know that they were bringing about a revolution!

That Webcam is a boon in disguise, isn’t unbeknownst to anyone. Families staying away from each other, video-conferences, video-interviews… the list would never have an end. And we know it all.

In this blog, let us explore how to make the experience of Video-calling, worth its while.

To be able to have a pristine, grain-free, superior quality video-call, one first needs to focus on setting the webcam in a proper way.


  1. Adjust your light source.
  2. Turn down the monitor brightness.
  3. Soften your desk lamp light.
  4. Wear something white (preferably a light colour).
  5. Set up a background.

These simple, but effective tips can make a considerable difference in how you come across on your webcam. We understand looking good on screen is just as important.

Seamless, smooth streaming of video is one thing which can make or break a video-calling experience. To ensure there are no snags, these are a couple of hacks you could keep in mind.

  • Don’t compete for airtime – Before you stream, go into your network connection, disable Internet sharing and disconnect devices you’re not using. Also, make sure you exit all web applications that compete for bandwidth with your media player.
  • Delete temporary cache and Internet files — they’re weighing your device down!
  • ‘Channel’ your devices elsewhere – To avoid going from one crowded channel to another, download Wi-Fi scanners like Acrylic Wi-Fi, that will inspect channels running on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies and show you the number of nearby networks using them. Once a less clogged channel is identified, go into your browser and type in your router’s IP address. Then, enter your username and password and head to your router’s settings where you’ll select the channel that your analyser program recommends.
  • Try forgoing Wi-Fi in favour of Ethernet – Why? Devices that are wirelessly connected to a router are unable to receive data as quickly as devices that are connected via Ethernet cables, which help maintain the router’s speed. Ethernet wins hands-down.

iBall RoboCam K20 is one such webcam which ticks all the above checkboxes. Tuned for the Indian Skin Tone, this webcam is tailor-made for our countrymen.

Old will always be Gold – there are numerous apps which offer the video-calling feature, and might also be a convenient option when on-the-go. However, when you’re at home and want to have a good, snag-free heart-to-heart with your beloved living in another time zone, then you know that a Webcam is the one to go for. After all, nothing more comforting than known territory…  Also, we’ve grown up with these! :)

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