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iBall Power Bank PB 5202: Now No Worries for Battery Drain!
Are you one of those frequent travelers who are always in the dilemma of draining mobile and tablet batteries?

Now stop worrying as iBall known for its latest and innovative technology products has launched its latest Power Bank PB 5202, which with its massive 5200mAh battery promises the several professionals and frequent travelers uninterrupted hours of music, chatting, movies and  browsing emails and minus the battery fright! 

iBall PB 5202, the emergency power bank is not only light weight but also designed compact allowing you to carry it anytime anywhere. With iBall PB 5202 one can also connect its mobile or tablet with micro USB, mini USB and  2.0 mini charging points. Also charge iPad/iPod/iPhone and Galaxy Tab with its five connectors bundled promising a great solution to your battery woes. With iBall PB 5202 in hand, one can enjoy the trips and excursions to the fullest leaving the worries of low battery behind. 

Having powerful output of 5V/2A, iBall PB 5202 enables fastest charging which kick-starts your gadget for use in no time. Adding further is its Bright LED torch which shall act as a savior in case of darkness or sudden power failure adding to the comfort of the users. 

Focusing on the safety aspect the battery is made of lithium polymer that protects the device from overcharging, over discharging and short circuit ensuring long life. Also iBall PB 5202 ensures fastest charging as it desists from getting fully exhausted restoring the charge.

Apart from the above enticing features, iBall PB 5202 gives you complete freedom from the long and tangling wires, thanks to its retractable USB charging cable which coils back when not in use. To add more to the convenience of the users PB 5202 is bundled with a carry pouch and a power adapter making it a perfect companion to be tagged along wherever you go! Black and White two colors are available to choose from. 

Priced at MRP of Rs.2,499, iBall Power Bank PB 5202 a perfect charging solution is available in classy black and subtle white color, as stated with LED torch and FREE carry bag!.

November 25, 2013

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