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Drive onnn with iBall Onnn Drive A1 Bluetooth headset
Busy driving the car and don't want to miss the urgent call?
iBall (known for its innovative and latest technology products) announces its yet another innovative gadget - Bluetooth headset – the Onnn Drive A1 with special functions to make it extremely easy and comfortable to use in the car!

iBall Onnn Drive A1 is a breakthrough technology that activates the device (which is plugged on to the car’s charging socket) as soon as you start the car. Once paired with mobile, it gets functional automatically. So no hassle of pairing the device again and again, just get in range and you can make or take calls. The call is automatically answered when headset is picked up from charging base and gets disconnected when placed back without the need to manually answer/ disconnect the call.

The headset’s multi-function controls like power on/off, call receive/ end buttons and high-performance microphone embedded in the headset builds convenience and ensures crisp and clear voice quality. Additionally, one amazing feature to keep you spellbound is the Dual phone support with Multi point technology which enables you to pair headset with two phones simultaneously and functionality is built up automatically on both these paired phones!

Gone are the days when you need to shun the headset till its full charged, Onnn Drive A1’s smart technology allows you to operate the headset even while the headset is connected to the charger.

Onnn Drive A1’s built-in rechargeable battery takes only 1.5 hours to get fully charged which lasts upto 4 hours of working capacity and standby time of upto 100 hours, which is indisputably a boom for the frequent travelers. Not to worry if your Bluetooth headset battery is about to die, you can charge it even while driving with its rotating and magnetic USB charging base. With rotating charging base, it ensures the flexibility of inserting headset to the charging base either vertically or horizontal allays per the convenience. 

Onn drive A1 keeps your pocket light not only with its price but also it is light – weighing 7 grams and is super slim too. It is bundled with exciting accessories such as Ear hook to give extra support to wear headset, neck strap to wear headset as necklace while you roam around anywhere and two extra changeable ear cushions to select perfect and comfortable size.With MRP @ Rs.1,599/- only, it’s time to  get your hands on iBall Onnn Drive A1 and Drive onnn!

It is not recommended to talk on phone while driving. You should park your vehicle on side and finish your call.

August 5, 2013

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