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Works Even on Glass ! - iBall’s Free Go Blue Eye Wireless Mouse
Technology giants become so by constantly pushing the innovation bar further and making tech work for its most common user. iBall, with its range of tablets, PCs and smart phones has just been doing that, and the latest product of its barn, the Free Go Blue Eye Mouse…that works even on Glass! Thanks to its breakthrough technology, it is now the most desirable product of its kind in the market.
Utilizing the Blue Eye Opti technology, iBall has made it possible for this mouse to allow incredible speed, precise cursor control and smooth functioning. The best bit? All these functions are possible on virtually every surface – be it wood, glossy tops, granite counters, ceramic tiles, your shirt or even on glass! Just to add, iBall also has this Blue Eye technology mouse in wired version too (Model Names Style 09 and Aero Dynamic Blue Eye)
That said, the Free Go Blue Eye optical mouse flaunts all the features that have made iBall a leader in computer peripherals – an attractive shape, remarkable styles and colours and most of all, the Blue LED at its bottom. That’s where the Blue Eye technology comes to play, its shorter wave length helping to develop excessive details from an image to capture it from the surface. The result – a superior tracking performance.
This blue wonder works within a range of 10 meters, giving the user freedom to break away from a fixed place. As its ‘Smart Link’ enables smooth and hassle-free auto-connect, you’re bound to feel at home even outdoors while using it.
And when iBall has delivered on all aspects in this stunning product, the price factor too must bear a legacy of the firm. It’s tagged at no more than Rs 749, and given the super-fast functionality it serves, it’s a steal for all professionals.

January 21, 2013

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