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iBall's new level of sound - Boombastic!
The one word that many utter while describing iBall’s products is ‘fantastic’ but the Indian technology giant’s latest offering is sure to make them go ‘boombastic’ instead. That’s what iBall’s latest 2.0 computer multimedia speakers are called! True to their name and true to the company’s promise of delivering superior sound, the iBall Boombastic are sleek, magnetically shielded beauties that will add value to your home or work computing.

Within the speakers’ portable design are features such as the 4W output RMS power, sufficient to make your desktop pleasing. The distortion rate of less than 1% at peak sound is worthy for leisure for every listener.

Plugging in these speakers in to a 3.5 mm stereo line in or a USB port not only provides you with high-quality sound for your desktop but also your ‘take everywhere’ laptop. The speakers’ dimensions of 8.3(w) * 10.4(h) * 7.3(d) cms ensure that they are easy to tote around.

Catering to the aesthetics of it all, the Boombastic is available in black and white colours. But perhaps their best feature is the value for money they give to their young users - they’re priced just at Rs 645. Their stunning finish and powerful output will surely give the feeling that they would be priced much steeper.

Many of iBall’s products appeal to a cross-section of ages - from the teenagers to young professionals to even home-makers. The Boombastic 2.0 multimedia speakers too don’t disappoint in this department!

June 4, 2012

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