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A Gadget for all Gadgets - iBall's new Portable Power Bank / Charger
India's swiftly growing electronics company iBall has added another feather to its product range cap. The latest innovation to join its list of swanky accessories is a Portable Power charger, designed with the tech-savvy, young urban user in mind. 

Featuring an external 5000mAh battery, this sleek gadget promises to be an emergency power bank. The best part about this product is its compatibility factor - it can charge nearly every popular digital device today - from tablets (iPod, Galaxy Tab), phones (iPhone, Nokia, Samsung), MP3 players including the iPod besides PSPs and PDAs. This multi-gadget compatibility comes thanks to eight types of connectors and a USB port that make charging convenient and simple. Its usability is a win factor too - once fully charged for five-six hours, it will discharge less than 5% even if not used within a month. The powerful battery can be charged and used over 500 times. 

To add to this dependability, the Power Charger fe tures a stylish design and protection features such as heat and over-current resistance. Its LED and battery indicators and light weight (140 grams) make it extremely user-friendly as well. The auto power saving mode facilitates optimum usage thus making it an essential accessory for every professional and techie. It also allows connectivity to charge any of your gadgets which has USB cable. 

In short some of the phones can be charged up-to 5 times once the Power Bank has been fully charged which has the capacity of 5000 mAh. 

Like all its other products, iBall's Power Charger comes at a competitive MRP price of Rs 2,499. 

Workaholic professionals, students and tech-crazied youngsters have been wowed through various gadgets iBall has offered in the past and are sure to include this newest - gadget for all gadgets - in their work and personal lives.

April 10, 2012

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