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Performance Series - Windows Based
Performance Series - Windows 10 Home Single Language Based brings to you a Tablet with the Power of PC which is Portable, Lightweight, Convenient and Affordable. The Changing Trend. The New Way of Computing. It’s time to upgrade your computing method. It’s time to move to a world of cutting edge performance with uncompromising capabilities. iBall Slide  Carry on with what you are most comfortable - Windows and Office! You can start right away while others will move to this technology in future. Stay ahead of others with Windows-based iBall Slide!
Pioneering for superior user experience, it runs on latest Windows 10 Home Single Language, and power of the Intel® Processor that help users manage work on the professional front and also necessitate the entertainment needs. 
Developed in collaboration with Intel and Microsoft, iBall Slide WQ191C is a seamless combination of Tablet with the Power of PC offering the best of both business and entertainment. 
The 10.1 inch Tablet PC offers the versatility of full PC experience and uncompromised productivity with a range of business features built-in. It also gives the unmatched performance of a tablet on-the-go. Precisely, it acts a laptop when you want it and a tablet when you need it.