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Performance Series - Windows Based
Performance Series - Windows 10 Home Single Language Based brings to you a Tablet with the Power of PC which is Portable, Lightweight, Convenient and Affordable. The Changing Trend. The New Way of Computing. It’s time to upgrade your computing method. It’s time to move to a world of cutting edge performance with uncompromising capabilities. iBall Slide  Carry on with what you are most comfortable - Windows and Office! You can start right away while others will move to this technology in future. Stay ahead of others with Windows-based iBall Slide!
iBall Slide PenBook, the Windows based 2-in-1, comes with sophisticated design and features to inspire the creative you and to enhance your productivity and style. It integrates the most advanced features one would look for, that delivers the experience of a Tablet with computing power, software compatibility and overall characteristics of a Laptop. 
Built with 3 main technology wonders - 
  • It comes with Windows Ink, that enables you to pen down your ideas with the bundled digital pen. 
  • It also supports Windows Hello Fingerprint sign-in to provide high security to access any of your data instantly and all your details are in safe hands. 
  • Additionally, Microsoft Cortana with Voice is your very own Digital Personal Assistant with working on above the lock screen too.  
Powered with Intel processor and equipped with Windows 10, take your office wherever you go.