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iBall CompBook Laptops provide you the experience of Intel and Microsoft, with the best of both the worlds and the trust of iBall, starting at a revolutionary price of Rs. 9,999 onwards.
Powered by an Intel® Atom™ Processor and comes with a pre-loaded Windows 10 Home Single Language. iBall CompBook Excelance Laptop now for just Rs. 9,999. It is an amazingly unheard price for a Laptop, making it highly affordable and offers great value for money. Engineered with a classy slender design and an appealing textured top cover with soft touch feel. Compact and weighs less than 1.1 kg making it easy to carry as it perfectly fits in your bag. Open up to the idea of every Indian with a Laptop!
29.46cm (11.6”) HD Screen

Powered by Windows 10 Home Single Language and Intel® Quad Core Processor. iBall CompBook i360 is a Next Gen Intel Quad Core Convertible laptop and is powered by Windows 10. Available in an in-vogue soft gold color, the ergonomic design of iBall CompBook i360 transforms your experience to newer heights. 

Power packed with Intel® Quad Core processor and Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language, the product comes with 2GB RAM + in-built storage of 32GB and SD Card of up to 64GB is also supported. iBall CompBook Excelance-OHD is neatly engineered with a beautiful and sleek design backed with premium feel. Quite compact and light weight weighing only 1.1kg., it is easy to carry and perfectly fits in your bag. 
What makes this device even more special is its option to support external HDD of up to 1TB that can be fitted inside the device, thereby boosting its performance speed and productivity.

Marvel 6 v2.0
Powered by an Intel® Celeron® N3350 Processor and comes with a pre-loaded Windows 10 Home Single Language. iBall CompBook Marvel6 v2.0 is the latest addition to the awe inspiring edition of iBall CompBook laptops. It’s the meaner machine with more stamina that offers enough power so that office work can be delivered more efficiently. Designed with utmost finesse and sophistication, iBall CompBook Marvel6 v2.0 is equipped with 3GB RAM and latest Intel® Celeron® N3350 Processor that provides unwavering access to high operational speeds, bringing faster start-up and enhanced productivity. Perfectly apt for business usages demanding heavy duty work. Indeed, marvellous seamless performance, making it a no-compromise performer.

Open Up to fly high to achieve all the possibilities and opportunities with this key gadget to success. Hitting the sweet spot, iBall CompBook Aer3 is encased with a stunning full metallic body and is designed aesthetically with luxurious Gold, which leaves you mesmerized. The 15 amazing not-to-be-missed features make this laptop undisputedly the best for executives looking for laptops under Rs. 30,000.
Premio v2.0
iBall CompBook Premio is just the perfect laptop for everyone. Designed with utmost sophistication, iBall CompBook Premio v2.0 is the perfect device for business users, students, homemakers and even budding entrepreneurs. Endowed with stunning Gun Mustard Metallic color, Premio is visually outstanding for a professional and stylish look. Packed with Intel Pentium Processor and Windows 10 along with 4GB RAM, it is sure to deliver the best. It further comes bundled with 500GB secondary Hard Disk, optimizing the storage and productivity. With more processing power, more memory, and more storage device – iBall CompBook Premio v2.0 is up and running even if you are not. Now that’s an all-rounder innovation!