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Web Cameras
The beloved who stays miles away from you - that best friend, cousin brother, your sweet grandma… or your parents - The range of iBall Face2Face web cameras will make sure that the distance is just geographical. Truth be told, LOVE is what keeps you connected; we are JUST the medium.
    Making possible the streaming of graphically stunning and true-to-life HD-quality video, iBall CHD20.0 webcam sports an interpolated 20 MP still image and a 2.1 MP video resolution. Surely doesn’t require further explanations! 
      Razor-sharp videos with an HD 720p (1280 x 720) widescreen resolution, the webcam assures first-rate video calls on Google Hangouts™, Skype, Facebook Messenger or any other video-calling clients.
        Having a hearty chat with your loved ones, holding a conference call with your colleagues, or taking yourself live on social media platforms - Crisp and rich video or picture is assured  with 5G wide-angle lens aided by a frame rate of 30 per second, and a built-in high-sensitive microphone for clear, cosy and comfortable conversations. 
        Robo K20
        iBall Robo K20 Webcam is the updated way to stay connected! Improved,stunning features give you the superior-most experience in viewing a distinct, clear-cut reflection of yourself, on your screen! Gone are the days when you would struggle to get a view, of a well-defined YOU, on your webcam.