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Take Note A414

Take Note A414 + MyScript Software (30 days trial) - MRP iball_ruppe : 12,499.00
Take Note A4 + MyScript Software - MRP iball_ruppe : 14,989.00
Warranty : 1 Year
iBall Take Note A414 is a stand-alone device with storage capability that digitally captures and stores everything you write or draw with ink on ordinary paper, without the use of computer and special paper. Then you can easily view, edit, organize and share your handwritten notes in Windows. When connected to a PC, iBall Take Note A414 offers an on-line writing function which can instantly synchronize your writing on the paper with the digital page in its software in Windows. It also is a USB tablet device in Windows.

Write/draw/sketch on normal paper with pen 

Use it anywhere to capture your notes/drawings 

Additional Plug-n-play pen tablet functionality 

New Online Writing Function. You can write on paper and see the same simultaneously on computer screen.

Digital page file formats
Digital pad size
336mm (length) x 245mm (width)
Digital pad thickness
Digital pad weight
Approx. 615g (excl. batteries)
Writing area
210mm x 279mm
Writing thickness
14mm Max.
Notepad holder
210mm x 300mm
Built-in memory
Memory slot
Secure Digital ( SD ) memory card slot
Digital pad power source
Alkaline battery AAA 1.5V x 4
Digital pad battery life
About 80 hours continuous use
USB 1.1
iball_expandimgPen Specifications
No. of pens bundled
1 pc ( Blue )
No. of refills bundled
2 pcs ( Blue ), 1 pc (Plastic tip refill for Pen Tablet functionality),
Digital pen size
134mm x 11.3mm (diameter)
Digital pen weight
13.8g (incl. battery),
Digital pen power source
One 1.55V button cell battery
Digital pen battery life
Approx. 14 months,
Ink refill size
67mm x 2.3mm
iball_expandimgTake Note Demo
iball_expandimgAs natural as it can get
As natural as it can get
Take Note feels as natural as writing on ordinary paper with pen. You also have the advantage of immediately getting both a digital record and a hard copy duplicate of your handwritten notes even when you are on the move
iball_expandimgCarry it anywhere
Carry it anywhere
Take Note is very easy to operate and ultra-portable too. It comes with an ultra-thin & light digital pen with a regular and replaceable ink cartridge. The pen ink cartridge & paper pad are easily available in every stationery shop
iball_expandimgUnique and useful
Unique and useful
It captures digitally everything you write on regular paper. No special paper is needed. iBall Take note has a storage capacity of 32 MB and can store more than 100 A4-size pages of completely full handwritten notes
iball_expandimgEfficient and flexible
Efficient and flexible
Take Note’s software lets you organize your digital pages in Windows. You can do highlighting, annotating (select, copy, move, erase etc.), typing, viewing, changing color and drawing functions
An extremely useful and easy to carry portfolio is included free with iBall Take Note
iball_expandimgOS Supported
OS Supported
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8. Intel based Mac OS X v10.5.x or later (Without online writing and Handwriting recognition support)
iball_expandimgSystem requirements
System requirements
Pentium III or equivalent or higher CPU, 128MB or higher (recommended) memory, 1 free USB port, CD-ROM drive, 32MB free space
iball_expandimgBundled softwares
Bundled softwares
iBall Take Note Manager Software, MyScript Notes 2.0 Hand Recognition Software,
iball_expandimgBundled accessories
Bundled accessories
Take Note A414
One blue digital pen
4 x AAA 1.5V Alkaline battery
1 x Button Cell 1.55V
USB Cable
Software CDs
User Guide
iball_expandimgPen tablet function
Pen tablet function
It can be used as a regular pen tablet when connected to a PC, allowing to command your PC and freehand input.
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