Nirantar UPS-1080V (1KVA)

MRP iball_ruppe : 5,299.00
iBall Nirantar 1KVA UPS-1080V with Double battery for extended backup. Electrifying recharge speed. The only UPS with 33% faster recharging. Superior reliability, coupled with advanced backup facility.
1KVA Line-interactive design
33% Faster recharging
Double battery for extended backup
Equipped with Boost and Buck AVR to stabilize input voltage
Wide input voltage range
Auto restart while AC recovery
Microprocessor controlled to guarantee high reliability
Provides Discharge, Overcharge and Overload protection
Built-in DC start function
Generator / Inverter compatible
1000VA / 600W
Microprocessor Controlled
Microprocessor controlled to guarantee high reliability
Input Voltage
Input Voltage Range
Input Frequency
50 Hz
Output Voltage
Output Voltage Regulation (Batt.)
Output Frequency Regulation (Batt.)
50 Hz ±1%
Output Waveform
Simulated Sine Wave
Battery Type
12V, 9.0AH x 2 Nos.
Recharge Time
6 hours max. (Recharge to 90% capacity)
Transfer Time
4 - 8 ms.
LED Indicator
Green, Yellow and Red LEDs for various indication modes
Audible Alarm
Beeper with various beeper modes
Full Protection
Discharge, overcharge, and overload protection
Power Outlets
4 Outlets
Dimension (D x W x H)
350 x 146 x 160 mm
Net Weight
8.9 kgs.
Operating Environment
0 - 90 % RH @ 0 - 40°C, (non-condensing)
Noise Level
Less than 40dB
2 Years (1 Year for battery)
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